One thing that makes Quantum stand a tier or two above the competition is our in-house panel fabricating shop.  There are many Systems Integrators, but few have the resources to do projects from design through commissioning.  Over the years Quantum has worked to build a high-quality panel fabricating shop employing the best assembly and wiring technicians in the area following a stringent quality assurance program with strict controls over assembly, wiring and field start-up of control systems.  Our team works tirelessly to meet or exceed your delivery expectations by bringing together the best procurement, production and quality assurance resources in the region.  In addition, our alliances with the industry’s top suppliers ensure proper application and deployment of new and existing products and technologies.

How Quantum Panels Stand Out

  • Workmanship – clean wire pulling, neatly bundled wires and legible wire tags
  • Experience – Our panel wirers have seen a large variety of projects over the years featuring MCCs, PLCs, HMIs, VFDs, PCPs, Instrument panels and more.
  • Volume – With our 100,000 square foot facility, Quantum can take on projects large and small.
  • Quality – Our stringent ISO program ensures only the highest quality panels leave our shop floor.
  • Speed – Quantum meets deadlines.   In addition, we will take a look at any project, no matter how quick the turnaround and do our best to fit you in our schedule.  *Our schedule can vary by month, week and even day, for current turnarounds on your project, please contact us.

Our services and benefits include:

  • Control Panel Assembly and Wiring
  • Experience with Industry Specifications & Standards
  • CE Design and Panel Build
  • UL & C/UL Design and Panel Build
  • Hazardous Locations (Explosion Proof & Purged Systems)
  • Pneumatics
  • Computer Generated Wire Labels & Terminal Markings
  • Parts Procurement and Staging
  • Power Test Certification
  • Machine Wiring
  • Custom Engraving
  • Value Added Engineering Services
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance Staff
  • Documented Quality System
  • Modern Facility

Control Panel Capabilities