Quantum Design’s control system integration group has the resources and experience to tackle almost any automation challenge. Our team of electrical, controls and software engineers has a broad background in current and emerging technologies and can work with you and your team to find the most cost effective solution for your application. We have the staff to design, program, build, and commission your control systems projects. We are especially adept at using our expertise in a variety of industries to enhance your products and processes, whatever they may be.

At Quantum, we bridge our knowledge of automation and information technologies with our your knowledge of your products and process to provide a complete solution. We listen to you as our customer and we respond aggressively and proactively to meet your immediate needs while always keeping an eye on your future goals.

Our automation and controls professionals utilize a variety of tools to provide a comprehensive approach to meet all of our client’s automation needs. This benefits you by minimizing risk, streamlining communication and ensuring superior project management.

When you work with Quantum Design

  • Our control system knowledge and extensive industry experience provide you with the right solution every time
  • Our deliverables conform to your specifications and systems are tested prior to delivery, eliminating costly delays
  • Our strategic alliances with undisputed industry leaders enable us to deliver the right technology to solve your automation challenges

At Quantum,

  • We take the time to understand your business and your project requirements
  • We work with you to understand your processes and project goals
  • We seek out new and innovative solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs
  • We constantly strive to be a trusted member of your team making sure all or your automation integration projects are a success

Our Integration Services Include:

  • Electrical Engineering and Design
  • Control System Design
  • Control Panel Design
  • Motion Control Design and Programming
  • Programmable Controllers and Peripherals
  • Drive and Drive Systems
  • CNC Design and Retrofits
  • Automatic ID (Vision, Bar Code, RF Tag)
  • Logic Programming and Development
  • Network Implementation
  • Plant Floor Intelligence
  • Installation Support and Start Up
  • Field Service and Training

At Quantum Design, our engineering and software professionals have decades of experience helping our clients find solutions to their automation needs, while maximizing their investments. Process efficiency and overall cost reduction through technology has been the driving force behind these gains. Over the decades the need for data collection and integration into distributed platforms has become more crucial to push these gains even further.

At Quantum Design we have you covered. We’ve been at the forefront of data collection systems and back-end integration technologies for decades and have the breadth of knowledge and experience to insure only the highest quality results for our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

  • SCADA Applications
  • ERP, MRP and Sharepoint Integration
  • Visual Basic Upgrades and Rebuilds
  • Database Management and Integration
  • Website and Mobile Integration

Microsoft Certified Partner
.NET Development
SQL Server

At Quantum,

  • We employ only the best assembly and wiring technicians backed by our in-house engineering staff
  • We follow a stringent quality assurance program with strict controls over assembly, wiring and field start-up of control systems
  • We work tirelessly to meet or exceed your delivery expectations by bringing together the best procurement, production and quality assurance resources in the region
  • Our alliances with the industry’s top suppliers ensure proper application and deployment of new and existing products and technologies

Our services and benefits include:

  • Control Panel Assembly and Wiring
  • Experience with Industry Specifications & Standards
  • CE Design and Panel Build
  • UL & C/UL Design and Panel Build
  • Hazardous Locations (Explosion Proof & Purged Systems)
  • Pneumatics
  • Computer Generated Wire Labels & Terminal Markings
  • Parts Procurement and Staging
  • Power Test Certification
  • Machine Wiring
  • Custom Engraving
  • Value Added Engineering Services
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance Staff
  • Documented Quality System
  • Modern Facility

At Quantum Design, we provide only the highest quality solutions, and that starts with assessing your existing hardware and software as well as determining the most cost effective approach to increasing the lifespan of your system.

In many cases, the mechanics of the system are sound but the controls are failing and spare parts are scarce or nonexistent. Older systems, moreover, present greater troubleshooting challenges as the software and programming platforms become obsolete and are at the end of their useable life. Even if you get your system up and running again today, it is likely to present you with new challenges in the very near future.

A basic control system upgrade can provide many years of additional longevity to a machine or system. In addition, emerging technologies help provide enhanced performance, along with improved and simplified data handling capabilities. Conversions further improve uptime and simplify maintenance through commonality in control system platforms. Contact us today to learn more.

Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller Families: 
From Legacy Products: PLC, PLC-2, PLC-3, PLC-5, SLC-100, SLC-150, SLC-500, 1336, 1394. 900 Series CNC, IMC, DB module

To Current Platforms: MicroLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix and Kinetix

Conversions: PanelView, RediPanel, Dataliner-VersaView, RSView, FactoryTalk

From Legacy Products: S5, TI 505 and MASTERDRIVE

To Current Platforms: S7-200, S7-300, S7-400 and S120

VB5 and up


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